Wednesday, 5 March 2014

All Glory to the Hypno Toad

(You thought I was going to say Helix, didn't you :P)

     So I'm a fan of Futurama, probably one of my many favourite cartoon shows (canceled again?! *sad face*).  I even attempted a Leela cosplay (of which we shall not speak of....least not until I re-do it :P).  But, I was re-watching it in its entirety on Netflix recently and something caught my eye.  Now, I may be a little slow on the uptake (by a few years maaayybe) buuuut this is what I saw in episode 1 season 1:



  ^---This is the shot you see, for a split second, while Fry tumbles backwards into the cryogenic tube.  Notice the shadow.....because I never noticed the freaking shadow!!!  It's Nibbler's shadow! They had it planned from the beginning. My mind was blown.  Now, yes, we all find out eventually that it was Nibbler who froze Fry but that's not until the 5th season!  Personally, I always figured TV shows had planned stories for maybe the next season or 2 but not almost 5 seasons ahead!

5th season!
     It just goes to show the amount of detail and intricacy that a show like Futurama has had worked into it (Yay continuity!).  Not to mention the 3 different languages they incorporate into the backgrounds of the show, 2 of which were made up!

 But, it's canceled....probably for good this time....and so I leave you with this:

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